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According to research, kids who receive free school lunches in England make less as adults.

According to study, children in Britain who get free school lunches earn less than their classmates, even when they attain the same credentials, with half making £17,000 or less by the age of 30.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there is a continuous wage discrepancy between individuals who brought up in lower income families and those who grew up in richer ones.

The discrepancy is partly explained by access to higher education: underprivileged kids are less likely to attend university and so have lower wages.

Researchers found that kids who got free lunch (FSM) and had the same level of credentials and performance in high school as more wealthy students nonetheless earned less.

Based on a study of long-term data gathered on 38 million individuals, the findings also revealed that pupils who attended private schools made more than their state school peers – both FSM and non-FSM – at all degrees of qualification.

According to the research, there are only minor variations in incomes at the age of 18, but the disparity expands drastically as people become older. Prior to the age of 22, non-FSM state school students had the greatest average wages, but after that, private students outnumber the rest. In all three categories, women earn less than males on average.

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