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‘Unprecedented pressure’ leads NHS in Shropshire to declare critical incident

The NHS in Shropshire declared a critical incident after being under pressure and also unable to provide continued services.

Demand for all health and care services in Shropshire County is excessively high.

The hospital is postponing nonurgent operations to prioritize those with the most urgent clinical need.

There are a relatively high number of patients in the hospital and community beds and large numbers of patients arriving at hospitals for other causes.

Four NHS trusts were touched by a serious event in Shropshire. Shrewsbury and Telford urban area NHS trust, Robert Jones Agnes Hunt orthopaedic hospital NHS foundation trust, Midlands Partnership NHS foundation trust, and Shropshire community health NHS trust are among them.

Patients not contacted about appointments are asked to attend as normal.

Nonurgent treatments are being postponed, as the NHS reported this week that 6.7 million people now wait for routine care.

The ICS has expressed regret that this step had been necessary, and said it is important to focus on patients who need emergency and urgent medical care.

The pressure on the system is serious.

Despite the challenges faced, those that use our services can be safe.

Shropshire is not the first county to declare a major event in its health-care system.

Last week the Isle of Wight NHS trust made a decision to reduce patient access.

As a consequence, the hospital stated that it could only treat patients with potentially fatal diseases or injuries. However, things improved later on.

The Critical Incident declared by the NHS in July was a result of increased Covid cases, lack of available care providers, and an increase in patients arriving at hospitals in need of care.

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