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Kids’ technology: the best vacation gadgets for kids 2022

You might need some assistance keeping the kids entertained during the school summer vacation. From robot toys and fitness trackers, walkie-talkies and cameras to tablets, here are some of the best kid-friendly technologies to keep the kids entertained.


If you don’t want to risk lending your valuable delicate mobile or iPad to your children, Amazon’s practically unbreakable Kids edition tablets might be just the thing.

The least expensive and smallest Fire 7 was recently updated and is now available in a variety of brightly colored cases with a pop-out hold. If your children break it, Amazon will replace it for no cost as part of its two-year “worry-free” warranty.

It has all of the standard tablet features, such as movies, apps, games, and, if desired, a web browser, as well as access controls to shut it, given time limits, and maturity level filters. There’s even a setting to limit access to curated kid-friendly websites and videos, but it doesn’t have the ability to use the Play store, only Amazon’s app store.

Toy Robots

Many tech toys are fads, but one of my favourites has been around for a long time as a modernized version to remote control fun. Sphero is a ball that you can control with your smartphone or tablet and also has deeper meanings, as well as games and teaching aspects.

The small Sphero ball is a good deal of fun to drive around, and it’s small enough that overexertion indoors didn’t result in broken furniture or smudged paintwork. The Sphero Play app includes games, whereas the Sphero Edu app promotes student creativity.

Kids and adults alike can learn to programme by following examples, programming the robot to do various tasks, or going deeper and writing JavaScript code for it.


Before mobile phones, self – contained cams have been the method we visibly documented our lifestyles, and they can still be a source of imaginative enjoyment and motivation for children.

VTech claims that the “my first digital camera” is made of tough plastic and is simple to use, and that it is suitable for children aged three to nine. It takes 5MP photos of decent quality and therefore can shoot selfies from of the rear end, all of which are available for viewing on a 2.4in screen.


Walkie-talkies are a great alternative to mobiles, allowing children and big kids to communicate without worrying about fees or smashed screens.There are numerous child-centric options with different characters themes available, but basic units generally work best.

They seem to be simple to set up, with such a joining button and a channel selection menu to help you find a direct one. When first started, start to push to speak, including over vast distances. Their stated 4km range may be a little optimistic, but they ought to be adequate for at least 500 m in urban environments and much longer in the outdoors.

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