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A van that identifies whether or not drivers are using their phones is being tested in the United Kingdom.

Many people are killed in automobile accidents as a result of reckless cell phone use and failure to wear a seat belt. Even though we have a clear picture of the outcome, we occasionally fail to follow the guidelines.

Consider how beneficial it would be to employ new technology to save lives.

According to the most recent traffic casualty figures for 2020, 23 percent of automobile occupant deaths in documented road crashes were not wearing a seatbelt .Around 250 risky drivers are apprehended each month as part of the Operation Tramline initiative, with handheld cell phone usage and failure to wear seatbelts among the top offenses reported by police.

For the first time, a vehicle equipped with technology that can identify drivers who are texting or not wearing seatbelts is being tested in the United Kingdom. Drivers who are detected might face criminal charges.

The three-month experiment will evaluate how well the innovation could be utilized in the long term. 

The vehicle is outfitted with many cameras that may capture footage of passing automobiles.

An artificial intelligence system examines the photographs for probable phone and seatbelt breaches. According to police, the “most significant violations” observed during the test may be punished, while other drivers may get warning letters.

The project is part of National Highways’ strategy to eliminate all serious injuries and fatalities on its network by 2040. In future testing, the van might be outfitted with technology that detects automobiles driving too closely together.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road accidents kill 1.35 million people globally. Traffic deaths are a preventable public health concern that disproportionately affects everyone. 

Some of the key factors affecting whether traffic collisions result in fatal or serious injury results are road design and the accompanying infrastructure employed.

Many drivers are unaware that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a regular feature in high-end contemporary automobiles, making them safer. The technique is used in lane departure sensors, recognition of traffic signs and travel helpers.

New technologies allow for exceptionally speedy response to situations and the evaluation and prioritization of different circumstances based on pre-defined rules. Full automation is also feasible, with warning panels operated directly based on pre-defined rules and alarms. Panels can also be activated directly by the transportation command center.

At the present, the new van and AI technologies are without a doubt the finest options. Human fallibility can be regulated, and lives can be saved simply by opening the door to new modes of traffic regulation.

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