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Is Figur scam or legitimate? Has it produced real results in terms of weight loss? It’s essential to find out this information now, in 2023.

Figur is an online weight-loss supplement that has been proven to provide results through its science-backed fat burning ingredients. Originally from the Netherlands, Figur is now sold globally, and reviews suggest it lives up to the hype. To understand how Figur works, customers can visit and learn more about the product.

What is Figur?

Figur is a weight loss supplement that can reportedly help you shed 24kgs (53lbs) in 12 weeks, according to clinical trial results. It comes with a custom weight loss plan based on your unique needs, and is created in partnership with a physician. Along with the supplement, no major diet or exercise changes are needed to achieve these results. Over 170,000 people have already used it to successfully lose weight. Figur, a product of the Netherlands, is offered at €49.95 per box, containing 30 capsules, which is enough for 30 servings. This product can be shipped to France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Benefits of Figur

According to Figur, their weight loss supplement contains clinically supported, high quality ingredients that act quickly to provide visible fat burning results in 8 weeks and lead to long-lasting weight loss. The supplement is physician-driven and science-backed and works on a cellular level to accelerate fat burning.

How does it work?

Figur is a supplement formulated by a doctor to give users visible results in a short amount of time. Taking the supplement for several weeks while following the Figur weight loss program allows the seven active ingredients to take effect and the results to last. Each box contains 30 capsules that contain active ingredients that help burn away fat and assist in weight loss.

The makers of Figur claim that their product helps to break down fat cells at the cellular level, allowing the body to burn away stubborn fat deposits. Their formula includes a blend of five amino acids to boost muscle formation and energy at the cellular level. Additionally, the product is said to help overcome deficiencies in amino acids which can cause the body to burn muscle for energy, rather than fat. Figur seeks to turn the tables and make your body use fat instead of carbs for energy, resulting in lasting weight loss.

Figur Questionnaire

Figur has a short survey on their website to help them understand your individual weight loss goals. It includes questions regarding your current weight, desired weight, age and gender. Upon completion, Figur will create a personalized plan and timeline for you to achieve your desired results.

After taking the Figur questionnaire online, you can find out various things, such as:

  • Discover how much you could potentially shed with the Figur weight loss program.
  • Evaluate whether the Figur weight loss program is a suitable option for your body type and objectives for losing weight.
  • Find out how quickly you can achieve your desired weight loss results, and see if Figur can help you reach those goals in the timeframe you have set.
  • Figur can be purchased without needing to obtain a prescription. It is now possible to buy Figur online, offering tailored weight loss advice.

The Figur weight loss program is based on taking the Figur weight loss supplement on a daily basis. By maintaining this regimen, you will be able to reach your desired weight in the specified timeframe, as you will lose a considerable amount of weight.

Scientific Evidence for Figur

Many weight loss supplement companies do not put money into conducting clinical trials due to the costs and potential lack of significant outcomes. Nonetheless, the producers of Figur claim to have carried out a thorough clinical trial that led to exceptional weight loss results. According to them, their trial revealed impressive weight loss figures.

The creators of Figur conducted a clinical trial to find out if the supplement could help individuals sustain long-term weight loss. Results of the testing showed that after 8 weeks, the majority of people in the Figur group had visible fat loss in the abdominal area. On average, the participants in the Figur group lost 24kg (53lbs) in 12 weeks. By taking the prescribed amount of Figur, those taking part in the study saw a notable reduction in fat over 8 to 12 weeks. Additionally, the weight loss continued to be observed at the end of the 24 week period. The study had two other groups, one of which used a placebo and the other a different supplement, which both recorded weight loss results. However, the Figur group had the most noticeable decrease in fat after week 12.

A clinical trial was conducted to test the weight loss effects of Figur. It included participants of all genders and ages, both overweight and leaner individuals. The results showed that on average, participants lost 0.5 to 1lb of weight per day over the course of 84 days. This was likely due to the participants reducing their caloric intake as well as the supplement helping them feel full. Research into L-carnitine has also linked it to an average of 1.21kg loss in body weight, on average, compared to a placebo. Taking L-arginine supplements can help with long-term weight loss by decreasing white fat levels while increasing brown fat. This is because brown fat has the ability to boost metabolism and burn more calories than white fat. Furthermore, Figur is a weight loss supplement that has been scientifically formulated and approved by a doctor.

What are the potential results of following a Figur review diet plan in terms of weight loss?

People from all walks of life have experienced weight loss success with Figur. Customers comment that they have seen major weight loss in a short period of time without having to make drastic changes to their diet or exercise routine. Many customers cite the product’s appetite suppression benefits, allowing them to eat less and maintain a low-calorie diet. Others claim to have lost weight even without restricting their diet. The reviews posted online suggest that taking Figur can lead to significant weight loss. One customer reported that they started to lose weight quickly after taking the supplement, but their progress stalled when they stopped taking it. However, when they resumed taking the supplement, they continued to shed the pounds. Many customers reported that they were able to lose weight without having to make major changes to their diet or exercise routine.

Figur Ingredients

This product contains a unique combination of scientifically backed ingredients that work together to help promote weight loss. These patented components include amino acids, fat-burning herbs and plant extracts, and other substances that are designed to help speed up the process of achieving desired results. Each of these ingredients have been verified by a governing body to be innovative enough to be awarded a patent.

  • L-Carnitine is a crucial amino acid in the process of metabolizing fat and forming protein. Figur’s creators suggest that L-carnitine plays a role in boosting fat burning by transferring long-chain fatty acids from the bloodstream to the mitochondria, which allows the body to burn fat for energy. Without enough L-carnitine, the body will instead use protein for energy, leading to a loss of muscle and an increase in fat. L-carnitine helps to prevent this by encouraging the body to burn fat on a cellular level.
  • L-Arginine is an important amino acid that plays a role in the metabolism within cells. Similar to L-carnitine, it can help with fat burning by allowing the body to use stored fats for energy. This can help with forming and developing muscle mass. In addition, it can help with weight loss by increasing the metabolism and providing the body with the necessary building blocks for muscles. This is why L-arginine is often found in weight loss supplements, bodybuilding foods, and pre and post workout formulas.
  • Garcinia cambogia has been a very popular ingredient in weight loss products in recent years. It contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a naturally occurring chemical that has been associated with beneficial effects on weight loss. Studies have suggested that this ingredient could be an effective tool for those looking to shed some pounds.
  • For centuries, cayenne pepper has been used as an ingredient in weight loss supplements. Recent research has identified natural compounds in cayenne pepper that can help with fat burning, such as capsaicinoids like capsaicin. According to Figur, cayenne pepper can help boost metabolism, reduce hunger, and burn fat, as well as bind to neuroreceptors related to inflammation. Furthermore, cayenne pepper is said to help flush away toxins from your body, helping to reduce the buildup of plaque in your blood vessels.
  • Figur contains L-proline, an essential amino acid needed to manufacture several proteins. It is used in Figur to help create collagen, a connective protein that is found in abundance in the body. Collagen is beneficial for healthy skin and hair, muscle and bone strength, and speeding up the recovery process after exercise. By consuming L-proline, you are able to speed up the post-workout recovery process.
  • L-Theanine is present in Figur, an amino acid that is associated with nerve impulses in the brain. Research has demonstrated that it has natural anti-anxiety and stress-relieving properties, leading to a calming effect on both the mind and body. In addition, L-theanine does not cause fatigue and instead helps to relax the body while inducing a state of mental clarity. This is why the combination of L-theanine and caffeine is a very popular supplement combination that is used today.
  • Figur contains L-leucine, an amino acid known for its ability to increase muscle mass and promote fat loss. It is also believed to slow down muscle breakdown in older adults. Additionally, L-leucine can help keep blood sugar levels balanced, which researchers suggest can help with appetite control. This can help to stabilize hunger and prevent sudden cravings.

How to Use

It is suggested to take one Figur capsule daily, preferably 15 to 30 minutes prior to consuming your most substantial meal. The manufacturer of Figur suggests that you take the daily weight loss supplement as part of a regular routine.

  • Consume one Figur capsule daily.
  • It is recommended that Figur be consumed approximately 15 to 30 minutes before the meal with the highest fat or calorie content for optimal results.
  • Take the capsule and swallow it whole with a minimum of two large glasses (500mL each) of water.
  • If you find it difficult to swallow the Figur capsules, you can open them up and mix the powder with a glass of water.

It is recommended to use Figur regularly for an extended period of time, such as 8 to 12 weeks and beyond. A clinical trial conducted by the makers of Figur showed that the most significant weight loss was achieved between weeks 8 and 12.


Figur comes in boxes of 30 capsules which cost €49.95 each. If you buy multiple boxes, the price will be reduced to as low as €36.65 per box. The cost of Figur when buying online is €49.95 for one box, plus €4.95 for shipping. If two boxes are ordered, the total cost is €79.95, with the shipping fee waived. If three boxes are purchased, the price is €109.95, and the shipping cost is included. It is possible to make payments for your Figur purchase in various ways – by using any major credit card online, as well as through iDeal, PayPal, and Klarna. Figur has recently expanded its reach, shipping to Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, and Italy.

Refund policies

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase of Figur, you have 14 days from its delivery to request a refund. However, this only applies to sealed and unopened items. If the box has been opened or partially used, it is not eligible for a refund. To make a return, contact Figur within the 14-day period and provide the required information to the address listed.

About Figur

Figur is a health supplement company created by Dr. Nelleke Vastenholt, who is the VP of Research & Development (Health Sciences). The company can be found online at Since its launch in 2022, Figur has been a hit, selling more than 170,000 units and becoming one of the top-selling and fastest-growing weight loss products on the internet. If you would like to learn more about the product, you can reach out to the Figur team.

  • Email:
  • Registered Address: Premium Health Europe B.V. Zuideinde 79, 1121DD Landsmeer, The Netherlands
  • Phone Number: +31 (0) 20 7670552
  • VAT ID: NL860019494B01
  • Company Registration Number: 74768816

Figur, a Dutch-made weight loss supplement, is now available in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria. It has been reported that those who took this supplement for a 12 week clinical trial lost an average of 24kg (53lbs). This supplement provides a combination of amino acids and fat burning compounds to help you lose weight on a cellular level. To find out more information or to purchase the product, visit the official website.

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